Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Valentine's 101

Most people think of Valentine's Day and they think of love and romance...I think of something a little different. After several near disasters I have learned some important Valentine's lessons. Here are some things you may want to think about before you embark on this wonderful holiday of love...

When I think back on my first official Valentine's Date (And by official I mean the guy picks you up at your house in a car - not a bike. And there are no parents involved.) I think of high school and a guy, well, let's call him Joe. The blessed day arrived and after much anticipation I had to face my mother almost putting a stop to the whole thing because she found out that he had been drinking through out the day and didn't want me in the car with him. Rightfully so, because once I convinced her it was ok and we were on the road, we made a pit stop at a friend's house where he proceeded to smoke a joint before we hit the road again. When the date was finally on it's way, we blew off the dinner reservations we had, for another restaurant that Joe really wanted to take me to, but without reservations on Valentine's day....well let's just say, things didn't turn out the way he had hoped. In the end we found ourselves at Chili's being waited on by one of my best friends whom I hadn't spoken to in months (she has a knack for dropping off the radar from time to time). The night was entertaining for sure....but romance....I don't remember any of that.

There are quite a few gems in that little story. Let's review -

Mama always knows BEST!

Drinking and driving is BAD! (Driving while high...also not so great)

If you HAVE reservations on Valentine's Day, USE them!

If you don't have reservations on Valentine's Day, MAKE them!

Fast forward a few years and it's Valentine's Day again. Now, you might be dating a redneck, when at the top of your man's wish list is a pet goat! Of course, I'm not sure what it says about you, when you actually give him one....That's right ladies and gentlemen, on Valentine's day, my boyfriend came home to find a real live goat in his house. It had a lovely red bow around his neck and everything! Not my proudest moment...actually not sure why I'm even sharing it with you.

Finding the perfect Valentine's gift for that special someone, isn't about how much money you spend on it or how big and impressive it is. It's about how much you know your Valentine would like it and doing what it takes to put that smile on his or her face. Even if you think it's a little weird...or crazy. Hey, if my guy had wanted a watch or a wallet, I would have gladly gotten him either - or both....but he wanted a goat....so I gave him one.

Then, more recently was the first Valentine's day for me and my husband, well, we weren't actually married yet. Anyway, I had to work and he went to dinner with his family. Very romantic, I know. It was even better when my ex showed up at my job and proceeded to get wasted ( I was a bartender at the time). So yeah, I spent that year with my drunk ex, who wasn't exactly there to wish me best of luck with my new relationship.

Life can get busy and schedules can be crazy, but if you don't make that extra effort to at least show up on Valentine's day....you never know, maybe someone else will.

But my all time favorite Valentine's Day was when I was nine months pregnant. We were at a lovely restaurant and it was beautiful and romantic... and I had contractions all through dinner.

Valentine's Day can be planned as perfectly as possible and sometimes things still don't go the way you had hoped. In the end it doesn't matter what you do or what you get....just who you're

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